0.50 H.P Suction Apparatus
  • Powder coated M.S chassis
  • Noise level of suction apparatus apparatus from is 50 db +/-3 db
  • Leakage current of suction units is less than 84 uA
  • Electric requirement -220-230V. 50Hz, 1 phase
  • Ideal for MTP /Medical /surgical procedures
  • Rotary vane type vacuum pump with-740 +/- 10mm HG
  • Free air dispacement 40-60itrs / MIN
  • Heavy duty HN -65 antistatic castors
  • 320 watt, 1440 RPM, 0.50 H.P Electric Moto
  • 100mm vacuum gauge
  • Non collapsible silicon tubing
  • 2 x 2.0 Ltrs. polycarbonate jars with overflow sagety
  • Bacterial filter fitted on top


0.2 H.P Suction Apparatus
  • Ward care suction unit
  • Powder coated MS chassis
  • Noise level of suction apparatus is 50 dB= 03 dB
  • Electrical requirement - 220-230 VAC, 50 HZ, 1 Phase
  • Ideal for medical & surgical procedures
  • Rotary vane or Diaphragm vacuum pump with-710= 10mm Hg
  • Free air displacement 25 - 30 ltrs / min
  • Heavy duty HN-50 antistatic castors
  • 180 watt, 1440 RPM, 0.25 H.P. Electric Motor
  • 76mm Vacuum gauge
  • Non collapsible PVC tubing
  • 2 x 1.5 ltrs Polycarbonate jars with overflow safety
  • Bacterial filter fitted on top
  • All parts coming into contect with secretion are autoclave safe


Pedal Suction Apparatus
  • Pedal Suction Apparatus mainly used in hospital of all levels for suction of blood, phlegm and other thick liquid.


Aerosol Disinfector
  • This model, ideally suited for decontamination of operation theatres, wards in hospital & Nursing, Pharmaceutical labs & production units, Animal housed and poultry sheds Hatcheries & EGG Storage, silk worm reaning houses in sericulture industries etc.
  • Instantly converts liquids formalin into true aerosol particles. Due to high aerodynamic stability the formalin droplets remain suspended in the atmostphere for longer duration and because of penetrating properly ensure 100 sterile germ free and Zero- Bacteria Environment
  • Eliminates the cumbersome process involved in the conventional method of fumigation can be easily operated even by a wardboy.
  • A single unit can sterilized 250cu. mtrs. about 9000cu.ft. in just 30-60 minute.
  • Suitableto work on 220 V, single phase, 50Hz, Ac supply
  • Available in Aluminium and stainless steel boby in following capacities. (A) 1.5 Liters (B) 5.0 Liters.


Vertical High Pressure Steam Sterilizer Autoclave
  • High pressure water steam electrically heated vertical sterilzer used for sterilizing of surgical instruments,
  • Dressing materials, Lines, Rubber, Plastic material, injection liquid by means of steam under pressure of 15 to 20 PSL (Adjustable) Tripple chamber and steam jacket made of thick stainless steel.
  • All sterilizers are hydraulically tested upto 2.5 times of working pressure. outer chamber made of stainless steel sheet reinforced with M.S sheet.
  • Lid made of thick stainless steel plate single piece and closed by wing nuts arrangement.
  • Jointless neoprene gasket does not allow any leakage. fitted with double safety valve, water level indicator water inlet and drain valve. supplied complete with cord and plug but without dressing bins, To work on 220 volts, single Ph, 50 Hz, Ac supply.
  • Available in following

    Dia Depth Element Load Total Load

    (A) 300 500 2Nos 2 Kw 4 Kw

    (B) 400 600 2Nos 2 Kw 6Kw

    Optional Accessories

    Automatic low water level cut off device
    Pressure control switch



  • Seamless construction made of aluminium alloy with turning on lid highly polished
  • Its comes with one stop cock continues bleeding valve and pressure guage
  • Size: 9”x11” , 12”x12”, 12”x14” , 12”x16” ,12”x 22” , 14” x 16”

HI-TECH - 89

Bed Pan Rack
  • Frame work made of SS Tubes
  • For 15 bed Pans
  • Mounted on running castors

HI-TECH - 76

Trolley For Dressing Drum
  • Frame work of tubes mounted on 10cm dia castor
  • Drum’s lid open by foot system
  • Epoxy powder coated


Waste Receptacle
  • Made of SS outer and inner bucket
  • 12 Ltr. Capacity
  • 20 Ltr. Capacity
  • 35 Ltr. Capacity

HI-TECH - 92

Post Mortem Table
  • Hi-Tech post mortem tables are specially designed for the safe postmortem of the cadaver. The table comes inclusive with the drain bucket. The whole table is made of stainless steel with a tray on which bucket is kept for the removal of chemical and wastage. These tables are widely used in medical colleges and research labs.

HI-TECH - 91

Scrub Station
  • Wall mounted scrub station made of heavy duty Stainless steel 304 grade
  • Designed for splash-free usage touching the taps soap dispenser directly with the handle.

HI-TECH - 93

Oxygen Cylinder


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