HI-TECH - 31

OT Table Hydraulic Super Dlx

A Single Action Twin concealed cylinder Hydraulic pump controlled by a foot pedal. Fully SS covered base mounted on heavy duty castors with auto floor locking system. The Detachable leg section provides easy lithotomy positioning. Five section S.S Top with large perineal cutout for drainage tray, built in Kidney bridge. The Improved Hydraulic System provides smooth movement and the speed of lowering the table is permanently set. The table is finished with extra hard, permanent finish oven baked paint and all the accessories and bright Chromium plated.

Standard Accessories

  • Anaesthetic frame
  • Padded side Supports
  • Intravenous Armboard
  • Padded Shoulder Supports
  • Wristlets
  • Lithotomy Leg Holder with straps

Optional Accessories

  • Water proof Rubber Matress
  • Radio-graphic Top
  • Neurosurgical Attachment
  • Orthopaedic Attachment
  • Geopel type Lithotomy Crutches with straps
  • Footrest with S.S Top

Technical Data

  • Length of the table top : 180 to190cms.
  • Width the table top : 50cm.
  • Minimum height : 80 + 5cm.
  • Maximum height : 95 + 5cm
  • Hydraulic Lift 22cm.
  • Lateral Tilt : 20° + 2°
  • Longitudenal Till : 30° + 1°

HI-TECH - 33 A

C-Arm Compatible Hydraulic Operating Table


  • Length of Table : 1900mm
  • Width of Table Top : 520mm
  • Minimum Height (Without Matters) : Min. 750mm
  • Maximum Height(Without Matters) : Max. 1000mm
  • Trendelen Burg : 25
  • Reverse Tendelenburg : 25
  • Lateral Tilt : 20
  • Back Section : 60
  • Head Section : 60
  • Leg Section : 90
  • Floor Locking System : Manual

Salient Features :

  • Encentric Pillars
  • Stainless Fitting
  • Detachable, head, leg & Pelvic section in built Kidney bridge
  • Five Section Radio-Translucent Stop
  • Base & Cover made of attractive, easy to clean Stainless Steel
  • Sophisticated mechanics provide smooth, step less articulation of the table
  • top for precise patient positioning

HI-TECH - 33 B

Operation Theatre Table

Hi-TECH Medical moving towards a 'Better patient care' Better work environment through state-of-the-art Electric control system (Finger tip control) in the latest operation tables, Modern Hospital Beds, New Design Emergency & Recovery Trolley and many other patient care equipment at affordable price. Development of the Universal Electric Operation equipment at affordable price. Incorporates the requirement of all position for General surgery and certain special procedures.

The Result: A Genuine electric universal operating table- Flexible movements, Mobile, Radiolucent Top, Remote controlled, Designed for C-ARM IMAGE INTENSIFIER

The electrically positioned table column and inter changable head and leg section allow optimal use of the C-ARM IMAGE INTENSIFIER Movement controlled by the actuators to achieve smooth and efficient operation without any jerks. The electric system is maintenance free, virtually silent, water proof, shock proof, demand no force to operate and operates. provide smooth, easy and accurate positioning with finger tip handset control system. Easy to re position the operation table, without any disturbance, demands no force, no physical stress to the operator.

Table is mounted on castor wheels with break. Head and leg section are inter changeable. Base and column cover are made of S.S Steel to easy Cleaning.

Radio Translucent Top. S.S Steel Side rails with clamps accepts all standard accessories.


HI-TECH - 32

C-arm Compatible (Elegent)
  • The MUTISECTIONAL OPERATION TABLE is a latest design eccentricor pillar design suitable for C-Arm with versatile usage providing maximum comfort to the patient and surgeon.
  • The table is fitted with imported Noiseless and oil free hydraulic actuator Cylinder system which ensures smooth, long lasting and maintenance free working of the table.
  • The table is suitable to perform various surgeries such as Abdominal, Thyroid, Gall bladder, Kidney, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery etc by obtaining various positions i.e. Flex, Reflex, Trendelenburg , Reverse Trendelenburg, chair position and height adjustment controlled by remotecontrol.
  • The table has sturdy base with corrosion resistant high grade Stainless Steel covering for maximum durability.
  • The table is mobile on heavy duty seamless castors which can be stationary means of pedal lock.
  • The table top is fitted with Radiolucent top for C-Arm Intensifier use.
  • The table is fitted with detachable and droppable Pneumatic gas cylinder assisted leg plate.
  • The table has a facility of interchangeable head and led plate.
  • The table is fitted with manually operable kidney Bridge.
  • The table is fitted with manually operable head raiser.
  • All the accessories Clamps are made are made of high grade stainless steel and are fitted on stainless side rails on both the sides of the table.
  • The table is provided with bolster matterss for all the table top section for maximum comfort to the patient.


  • Divided Split Leg plate is also available at an extra cost
  • The table is fitted with battery system with ensure the smooth working of table in case of electricity failure.
  • Manually Operated extra smooth Mechanism table top side of 220cm can be provided at an extra cost.

Standard Accessories

  • Stainless Steel clamp set for accessories
  • Complete set of mattress
  • IV Rod S.S
  • Anesthesia Frame S.S
  • Side Support
  • Shoulder Support
  • Lithotomy crutches
  • Arm rest

Optional Accessories

  • Orthopedic attachment
  • Neuro Surgical Attachment.

HI-TECH - 34

Semi Electrical General Surgical Operation Table

Salient Features

  • Electric up & down by Cable remote (Made in Taiwan)
  • Five section stainless steel top gives anatomic adoption to the patient body
  • Built in Kidney Bridge and large perineal cut-out for drainage.
  • All the operating positions including Proctology, Lithotomy, Chair, Flex, Reflex, Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg, Lateral Tilt etc. can be obtained from either side of the table by working of different handles.

HI-TECH - 35

Ophthalmic Table

This Ophthalmic Table is specially designed for ophthalmic surgery. Three sectional table is provide with drainage system in the head section. The table has sturdy base, column made upto stainless steel, antibacterial and is easy to clean. Electromotive height and trendelenburg positions with the helps of lightweight handheld control unit.

Salient Features

  • Encentric Pillars
  • Stainless Fitting
  • Detachable, Head & Leg Section
  • Three Sectional Radio - Translucent Top
  • Base & cover made of attractive, easy to clean Stainless Steel
  • Sophisticated mechanics provide smooth, step less articulation of the table top for precise patient positioning

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